Most car sun shades are collapsible and can fold into a compact shape.

Interior Temperature

While these features may be helpful, the best way to control the temperature inside a car is to pull the air out.


One of the best ways to control the inside temperature of a vehicle is to park in a shaded parking lot. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of these areas around to meet demand. Thus, a number of children and pets are injured or killed each year while in parked vehicles. Using a windshield shield can also help to reduce the inside temperature of a car. However, the most effective shield is the one that prevents UV rays from damaging the paint or glass. If the weather is warm, an air conditioner can be a welcome addition.Similarly, avoid wearing makeup on sunny days, as makeup contains chemicals that impede cellular growth. As a last resort, consider applying a moisturizer before the sun sets.

Windshield cover

However, even with a roof and windshield cover, the internal temperature of a car can still climb above 100 degrees. Therefore, there is a need for newer, improved technologies to help cool the insides of automobiles.


A fan can decrease the inside temperature by as much as 26%. In the United States, a cardboard car shade has become popular. These shades are commonly used in Florida and other hot regions.

For instance, a Cadillac STS that had a film covered roof and baseline gray paint with absorptivity of 0.55 and 0.78 respectively was sprayed with a base coat containing IR-reflective pigments. Among other features, the car was fitted with six solar powered fans that were incorporated into the sunroof.

How does one go about preventing UV rays from striking their eyes? Well, there are a number of strategies, from wearing sun protection to the use of a sunscreen. Taking a proactive approach to your child’s eye health is the smart way to go. It is well worth it in the long run.

Damaging Rays

The biggest problem with children is the fact that their skin isn’t as thick as it once was, so they are at risk for exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. Even if you don’t live in a tropical climate, it’s a good idea to take precautions. For example, avoid walking under the open sky during the height of the afternoon sun. If that doesn’t work, consider a midday picnic in the shadows. Also, make sure to dress appropriately. While it might be tempting to tan in the glare of the sun, be sure to protect your eyes from the rays with a hat and sunglasses. 


Thankfully, many of these measures are easily implemented. You can even find some freebies to boot! Some of these devices include a solar powered fan that can be installed into the sunroof of an automobile. It connects to a hook on the driver’s side of your vehicle.